How To Make a Kickin’ POV Helmet Cam

If you wanna shoot first person footage, one of the easiest ways to do so is using a helmet cam. Well, you can always go with a GoPro, but if you want the quality that is coming from a Canon 7D, you may wanna build your own rig.

The good folks at DakaKin came up with a sweet tutorial on how to mount a DSLR on a helmet. The simple rig is made with a pink helmet, a metal bar, a cheap tripod head and some weights. The nice thing is that once the camera is mounted, it is roughly at eye level so it will see whatever the shooter is seeing.

If you’re not sure what this is good for, wait for the awesome Max Payne samples at the end of the clip. (not sure Ol’ Max will wear pink though)

[How To Make The Best Helmetcam Ever via planet5D]

  • Nic Polcaro

    Where can I get one of those metal strips?

    • Smirks

      It’s often called Plumbers Tape, you can find it at any hardware store