How To DIY An Uber High Speed Trigger

Michael Ross is not only a talented photographer, he is also somewhat of a maker. If you don’t believe me check his Digital Light Wand and Programmable Orb Tool tutorials. His latest endeavor is a super functional Arduino based high speed trigger.

Screwed Up!

I did not play with the kit, but it seems that it is one of the most well thought and function rich triggers out there.

Illudium Q-36 Space Modulator

In the video below you can see some footage of the testing phase where Michael uses the trigger to execute the following sequence:

  1. Turn out a lamp
  2. Fire the strobe to make sure it is not in sleep mode
  3. Open the Shutter
  4. Release two drops of water
  5. Fire the strobes to freeze the action
  6. Close the Shutter
  7. Turn the Lamp back on

That is actually not a real stress test for the unit as the specs shows it can do so much more:

  • Control up to 4 solenoid valves
  • Control up to 4 strobes
  • Allow any number of drops to be released
  • Allow control over the size of the drops released
  • Allow control over the delay time between drops
  • Control the Camera Shutter (open and close) in bulb mode
  • Control up to two lamps for room lighting between shots
  • Provide Sound and IR Triggers

As with his previous creations, Michael made a tutorial explaining how to build the trigger. Watch out photographers/makers, it is a 7MB PDF of instructions. That has got to build some great Makers Karma for Michael!

Red Satin

The trigger is capable to connect to a sound trigger, an Infra red trigger, external ports and actually just about any trigger/device you may think of.

[High Speed Trigger Blog]