How To Catch a Lightning Every Single Frame

How To Catch a Lighting Every Single FrameLighting photography is not trivial. You have to wait in the rain, all drenched, setting one long exposure after the other, with the hope that one of open shutter intervals will catch a lighting strike. Well, there is an easier way.

Andras Schaeffer and Viktor Takacs came up with a clever way to capture lighting.

It does take a bit of electronics know how, and a bit of code (all available from Victor’s site), but the result is a very intelligent lighting capturer. Think Ghost Busters and that pedal-box thingy.

I know what you’re thinking, no way the circuit can open the shutter, take a picture, and be done with it, all while the lighting is in the air. Well, we have proof.

How To Catch a Lighting Every Single Frame

If you wanna see the circuit in action, a demo is available via our lighting generating friends at Nikon SB secret headquarters.

Instructions, Q&A and code (upon email request) are available on Victor’s site, he is from Greece so no lighting to capture, but a full gallery of captured lighting is available on Andras’s gallery.