How To Build a Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

A few days ago we shared a quick sneak peak at the RotoRig – A light weight jib that resembles Light Craft’s trapezist, Zolinger’s ZP1800 and DSLR devices MK4. It’s the kind of jib (or crane) that lets you do amazing Hollywood style sweeping shots. But, in some aspects it is even better. If you are a solo shooter and have to carry your gear alone, the RotoRig saves you from having to carry multiple rigs. It doubles as a video shoulder rig and triples as a hand held jib. We also shared a shot flick shot entirely with the rig in its three positions, and the fact that it can so easily transforms really makes me sad that they did not have a movie autobot back in the days.

The response has been overwhelming and basically everyone said the same thing? How do you build one? In fact, Amazon’s stock of the monopods was nuked.

How To Build a Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

Well, Chad Bredahl is not the guy to keep you waiting and he put up a video showing how the rig was built. He also shared a complete parts list (as noted below). So everyone who grabbed the monopods off Amazon before the price went up can go ahead and complete the build. For the rest of you, Walmart has them for $9.99.


Here is the complete parts list:

And here is the drilling digram (click for a larger version)

How To Build a Portable DIY Travel Jib / Shoulder Rig

If you are still not sure what the RotoRig does, here is the preview which explains it all

[How to Build the RotoRig – Camera Jib and Shoulder Rig in ONE!]

  • Brian

    I am having the hardest time finding the Vinyl washers. Home depot, Truevalue and ace hardware don’t carry them here in Los Angeles.

  • Guest

    I love this design… I do have two questions though… 1) how long is the extension (how far from the tripod can you get the camera… 2) how much weight can it hold at maximum extension… thanks d:-)

  • Caleb Haydock

    Hi Chad,

    I recently built your travel jib and came across some odd problems
    that I hoped you might be able to answer. Whenever I move the jib
    upside down, the screws on the two shelf brackets start to become loose
    and eventually come out, even though it appears that they aren’t coming
    undone as it moves. I have put a couple of washers on three of the four
    screws of the brackets. Do you think the washers are part of this

    Thank you so much.