How To Build A DIY PVC C Stand

One of the core elements of any studio or on location system is the light stand. Those enables you to place your light in three dimensional space (i.e. here, there, above the model, at face level and so on).

We have featured a few PVC light stands before but this is the first C-stand that we have encountered. Usually C-stands are used when you need a super stable solution as they are far more stable and heavier that regular light stands.

With respect to sturdiness, I am not sure that C-stands and PVC make a good pair, but this design by Alex Sokolsky was kinda unique and worth sharing. It uses a few PVC fittings with the core element made of 3 PVC Tees glued to 45 degree elbows. (

DIY PVC Light Stand via Alex Sokolsky]


  1. dellt says

    no one’s twisting your arm – hurling insults is just second nature to some people and most are ‘anonymous’. Please do, go buy a commercial one, hell don’t stop with the $40 one, I’m sure someone of your stature can afford one for four times that price……why the hell would anyone go to the trouble of looking for and viewing a DIY project just to criticize? Because they are a moron.
    Sorry, but idiots like anonymous drive me crazy!

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