How To Build A DIY Frugal Crane 2.0

After posting that last DIY Jib Video we had some complains about the fact that there are better, more functional and easier builds to make.

While we shared some easier/cheaper jibs in the past, we thought that this was more of a full blown job and was worth a share.

How To Build A DIY Frugal Crane 2.0

Reader Rick pointed out that The Frugal Filmmaker has one of the best DIY crane/jib tutorials out there called the Frugal Crane 2.0. Unlike most DIY jibs it only uses 1 rod. So leveling and control is achieved with a garage door pulley and vinyl coated line.

Being a fairly large jib, it is built to be operated from the rear end, so Scott installed a $60 Coby monitor so get the camera view at the operator position.

P.S. There is some evolution involved, the Frugal Crane 2.0 evolved from a first version were the video has lots of useful pointers on building a jib. If you’re gonna build the 2.0. make sure to watch the forefather revision first.