How to Build A Cycwall – The Sexy Way

How to Build A Cycwall - The Sexy WayWe’ve had our share of building cyc wall guides. (A cyc wall or a Cyclorama is a curved background that gives you that infinite white look. If you wanna freshen up on what it is used for, visit here).

I am not sure if you’ll remember any of them other tuts, but I am sure you will remember this one, if only for presentation qualities.

The guys (I am taking a wild assumption when saying guys) at EyeHandy put up a complete cyc wall how-to presented by a model. It includes the entire process from measuring, through carpentry and painting.

I am placing the video after the jump as this may be NSFW for some.

If you wanna try some cheaper version for infinity white, try using a bounce flash or a some tile boards.