How To Add Pictures To Comments On

diy_flickr.jpgAllot of readers are asking me "how can we add pictures to go along with our comments?"

The reasons are numerous – some want to share a picture they took, some want to share a cool DIY project they built and some want to show of with their implementation on one of the DIY hacks from this site.

Well, the age of unknowledgeness comes to an end – here is the picture tutorial for how to add images to comments on (of course you can always use the Flickr stream). Click any of the images for a bigger view.

Step 1 – upload your image to Flickr (or any other image hosting service). You will get the image on an image page that looks kinda like this:


Step 2
– hit "all sizes" and go to medium or small


Step 3
– copy the image URL from the bottom of the screen where is says "Grab the photo’s URL:" Or you can copy the text where it says: "Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:" If you are using other service than Flickr, just copy the URL of the image.


Step 4
– in the comment place the following text: <img src="http://url_from_step_3" /> or the entire text from where it said "Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:"


Step 5
– Preview


Step 6
– post (wait for moderation…) and TADA!!

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P.S. In case you are wondering – I made the cool Flickr logo using this tool.

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