How To Make A Hyperlapse

A week ago we featured a Hyperlapse primer that explains how to use a tripod and a boardwalk to create a Hyperlapse.

How To Make A Hyper Lapse

Griffin of Indy Mogul (which is a great resource) shares another great Hyperlapse tutorial with going into the nitty-gritty details going from methods to move the camera while doing a Hyperlapse, through camera settings and stabilization comparison and finally stabilizing the finished product in After effects.

The movie plus a few of Griffin’s favorite and inspirational Hyperlapses after the jump.

HYPERLAPSE 2012 by Geoff Tompkinson

How to Hyperlapse Spin a Camera Around the CN Tower

Google Street View Hyperlapse

[How-to: Hyperlapse! (DIY Motion Timelapsing) | Indy Mogul]

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