How To Install The Magic Lantern General Availability Release [video]

Over the past month we’ve been sharing a lot of Magic Lantern hacks, and I think this is something that is not going to stops (or at least I hope it is not going to stop, we have some info coming right up on the next post).

How To Install The Magic Lantern General Availability Release

However, we never actually shared anything that shows how to install Magic Lantern into an operating camera.

This video by Dave Dugdale does not even touch on the features of ML, but it does a great job at showing the install process. While there is actually a pretty good Install Guide available on the ML site, it is sometimes easier to follow a video.

And yes, watching this video should show just how easy it is to install ML on a camera.

Three quick notes here:

  • It says to fully charge your battery, they are not kidding, stopping a firmware upgrade midway will brick your camera. Please do this. (BTW, the cable modem industry, where I used to work for Texas Instruments has double firmware slots, is if one fails, the other one loads. Smart right?)
  • This tutorial shows how to install the Stable Release (or the GA – General Availability), if you want the latest and greatest – at the risk of running non-stable code – you need another few steps for the nightly builds.
  • ML is a 3rd party firmware, and while it does not void the warranty, you should know what you are doing and proceed at your own risk. There, we have the mandatory disclaimer now.

[via ISO 1200]