How High-Res Footage Of A 2 Story Kraken (Giant Squid) Was Taken

The Giant Squid AKA the Kraken is the stuff nightmares are made from. While it is about two stories tall, it has yet to be photographed until recently.

How Hige-Res Footage Of A 2 Stories Kraken (Giant Squid) Was Taken

Edith Widder is one of three scientists who first captured hi-res footage of the giant 2 stories high squid.

While many expeditions tried to capture the beast, Edith suspected that the noise coming from the submersible vehicles motors divers used scared away the sea doweling creatures.

Edith opted to use a non-motored device, with a battery powered camera tethered to a float. The device was tied to an LED bait (or optical lure) that shines like a certain Jelly Fish. This rig was illuminated by red LEDs that are unseen to water creatures.

How Hige-Res Footage Of A 2 Stories Kraken (Giant Squid) Was Taken

The effort paid off, and the beast from below showed itself several times until on the last time the team risked turning full lights on and the squid did not flee, giving the first hi-res video capture of a real life Kraken.

If you find this interesting, you can watch the TED show where Edith shares the full story.

And a longer Discovery show telling the full version of the story here.

[h/t to Jim M. Goldstein for the find]


      • Jimbo says

        Lol? Scientists care about their reputation. They don’t lie unless they’re sure they can get away with it and they’re going to profit from it. Who’s going to profit from faking a giant squid video?

    • sam says

      well, then the Discovery channel would be kinda lame for running a 2 hours show on a 10cm squid.

      plus, you can compare it to the optical lure

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