How Easy Would It Be To Custom Paint a Nikon?

Pink NikonThe idea of a custom camera is quite appealing. Like any other custom item there is a bit of personality in having something that is not replicated all around you.

This is why I thought that creating a custom Nikon would be so awesome. If there was a way to customize your camera, you could be both Nikon and unique. Now, just before all the Canon photogs hit me on the head. I assume the same goes for Canon (putting aside the already “customized” white lens).

The video after the just shows how DigitalRev TV, a Honk Kong retailer customized pink-nuked their D90.

I’ll let you see the vid to judge the results and outcome of this project.

So, I think it is now safe to say that customizing a cam is not that trivial, but once Nikon service jumped in for some help, the camera resurrected and came back as fully functional, yet puke inducing device.

Anyone tried this, has any tips? Share with us in the comments.