How To Build A Slo-Mo Photobooth With $32,900 Worth Of Gear

About a week ago we shared an epic slo-mo video from a wedding photographed by Super Frog Saves Tokyo. The video was above all, fun.

How To Build A Slo-Mo Photobooth With $32,900 Worth Of Gear

But, fun aside, it took quite a bit of gear and preparation to create. Just the lights (KONOVA Pro 900 LED) and camera (RED EPIC) are about $32,900 without all the accessories. But.. seeing what goes on behind the scenes on this is a great experience nonetheless. It is short, but packed with tips about setup, direction, and avoiding mess.

The actual video was shot using 4 KONOVA Pro 900 LED panels semi-circling a seamless white, with a RED Epic shooting the video -> see the setup the top of the post.

While 120 FPS at 4K expensive to make, you can get 120 FPS with a GoPro HERO3: Black Edition at 720p.

SFST are also about to release an on budget setup for a slo-mo booth, so you may wanna hit their vimeo channel.

Update: indeed they went for a gorpo :) here is the quick tutorial:

[Slow Motion Booth Tutorial! via SLR Lounge]

  • Steve

    My Sony Handycam has a nifty little feature where you can shoot about 3 seconds at 240fps… so far this has been my best (i.e. cheapest) method for slo-mo. I have alot of fun with it, though you definitely have to have alot of light. ALOT.

  • Hoang Cao Nghia

    Large amount for that shot is going into ‘4k’, not slowmo.
    Give GH3 1080p 60fps at high shutterspeed some Twixtor and we can have the same look at much much cheaper price.
    … Or hire a FS700 for real 270fps 1080p

  • Dave W.

    A few months back some friends got together to compare the RED vs GoPro in a studio environment (At 720p just to play fair) at 120FPS