How To Build A PVC Soft Screen

If you need a big, nice soft light source one of the cheaper options is to use a small light combined with a diffusion panel, which is basically just a huge sheet of fabric. The question is how to support this mess of fabric that only wants to sit crumbled on the floor.

How To Build A PVC Soft Screen

Kevin Kobota has a pretty slick tutorial on building a soft diffusion panel a-la Dean Collins style, very similar to Photoflex’s LitePanels. Unlike the $350 LitePanel the DIY version only costs about $20 and an afternoon. The video covers the uses, materials, and build constructions + some interesting philosophy on transitioning from DIY gear to Pro.

P. S. Waaaay back when DIYP was just starting out, we shared one of Dean Collins’s rigs build by Brian Zimmerman.

P.P.S. Build two of those panels to make a wall of light.

[The D.I.Y. panel diffuser for photographers via ISO 1200]