How To Build A Giga Pixel Scanner

Large high resolution scans are kind of an art form, and definitely not easy from the technical aspect. Photographer/maker Charlie Romer took on creating a mega-scanner called Matrix Shot as a summer project.

How To Build A Giga Pixel Scanner

This Arduino controlled camera is just what you need to make a high precision, large format mega scan. The idea is that the camera traverses the picture while taking many, many macro shots – one row at a time. Then those images are stitched together into one huge scan. With the D800 36MP per shot combined with a 200mm lens, the resulting image is a few 1000’s MB.

If you look closely at a sample scanned image you may notice a bunch of small yellow dots. HAD believes that those are Printer steganography used to determine the date and printer serial number (click for a bigger view)

How To Build A Giga Pixel Scanner

While there is no one stop shop to get all the data, Charlie shares a few very informative videos, where he explains how the device works.

Matrix Shot Lateral Movement Demo

Matrix Shot V1.0 Motor demo

MatrixShot™ 1.0 First Run

[MatrixShot™ 1.0 First Run via Hackaday]