How to Build a DIY “Wind Proof” Reflector

Have you ever taken a 5-in-1 collapsible reflector to a shoot on a windy day? Did you feel that you were paragliding?  While I am a big 5-in-1 reflector fan, one cannot ignore the wind traction factor these carry. They offer great light in exchange though.

The folks over at Neumann Films have a great tutorial on building a set of sturdy, Particle Board based reflectors that: A – do not take off in the wind that easily and B – can be attached to a tripod/lightstand and do not require a dedicated person to hold them.

How to Build a DIY "Wind Proof" Reflector

The idea is to use a particle board pieced from home depot for about $20 with some reflective film, and glue the two together. The result is a heavier flat reflector. It takes a bit more manpower to get them to location, but once there, they need little attendance.

[Indie Tip - DIY Reflector via ISO 1200]


  1. Robert Miler says

    I like them, but why does everyone call every kind of glue super glue? and more important, if the surface area is large enough, a large flat surface is a kite, regardless of the weight. heavier is better, but no guarantee.

  2. Leroy the Photographer says

    What an idiotic video! 3/4 of it is stupidity and attempted comedy; virtually none of it is useful or factual; and it doesn’t even show how to attach it to a tripod or lightstand

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