How to Build A Back-lit Vintage Photo Display

Do you ever print your pictures anymore? Most of our readers don’t print pictures that much. If you are the printing kind of person, here is a cool project that will let you display them with pride in a vintage back lit soda box.

How to Build A Back-lit Vintage Photo Display

Photographer Tiffany Angeles used a “vintage” soda crate fitted with a piece of Perspex to create a backlit photo display.

AS she mentions in the video, if you need it to constantly be on, you may wanna use LEDs that go in a power outlet, but the build will remain just the same (we’re actually going to have a very similar build pretty soon for another purpose).

[DIY Photo Light Box from Vintage Soda Crate via LensVid]

  • Nadine Spires

    I’m busy making a lightbox in a similar way, just without the photos. but really great idea.