Hooking Your Laptop With A Retina Display For $55

The Retina display on Apple’s iPads is amazing. It is so amazing that it makes the 1366×768 resolution on the laptop I am using to write this post feel EGA old. If only there was a way to hook a Retina display to a laptop, then I would really enjoy watching photos on my laptop ….

Well, there is. Andrzej from the Warsaw Hackerspace just hack such a display. Well, Apple are not the only company to offer a 2048 x 1536 resolution, they are just the only company to call it Retina, so technically, it is a hack for a non-retina 2048 x 1536 laptop display.

Connecting an iPad retina LCD to a PC

The hack consists of an LG made 9.7″ panel with a resolution of 2048×1536 which Andrzej bought (and shipped) from china for $55

Connecting an iPad retina LCD to a PC

Andrzej than used the panel’s eDisplayPort (a DisplayPort derivative) with a custom made PCB and a standard connector to get power and data lanes from a laptop to the screen. While the PCB is currently custom made and shared via Github. On the good side, Andrzej is working on the next and improved phase of the PCB

Connecting an iPad retina LCD to a PC

The cool thing about DisplayPort is that laptops are already starting to support it (much like the old external VGA plug) so it should be relatively easy to connect to a laptop.

For the full account of the hack, part numbers and more pictures had over to EmerytHacks.

Thanks for the heads up, Mike

[Connecting an iPad retina LCD to a PC via Hackaday]

  • mike

    Technically, you would have to buy the 2 adapters for $14, so it is $69