Home Studio – Third Hand Lighting Pole

third_hand.jpgReader Mike Coutinho saw the post about the studio compression pole, and this triggered something in his mind.

Mike told me about the Third Hand system (via toolmonger) which provides a very similar functionality.

Same as with the DIY system, you can create a vertical pole from floor to ceiling and hang stuff on it (Flash, backdrop, diffuser panel).

The extra value of this solution is that it does not have to go vertical; the top pad can support various angles, so you can go diagonally wild. Another “feature” is that the Third Hand comes ready and there is not much DIY you need to assemble the pole.

The price is reasonable, though more expensive than the DIY solution that we had on this site (hardware store light stand, studio compression pole). Amazon will sell those for 69.99$ a pear pair.

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