Heartbreaking Video of a Girl Confessing to Deleting Her Uncle’s Picture

The content you’re about to see is a bit painful to watch just because of how emotionally heartbreaking it is, but I really hope it will help remind everyone out there of how important it is to back up your data.

Like any other person can before her, 4-year-old Candace caught herself in a situation where she didn’t pay enough attention to what she was doing with the pictures on a camera that her Uncle Dave loaned her. When she accidentally deleted one of his beloved photos, Candace was struck with guilt that I’m sure we can all imagine; she had to face her uncle and tell him that his pictures “went away forever.” And though it may be hard to hear that your memories were tampered with and gone in the matter of a second, Uncle Dave managed to capture his niece’s confession on camera and upload it here to show us what it feels like.

Before Candace was ready to make more room on the card by deleting pictures, she should have remembered to copy the RAW files from the camera to an external, her laptop’s hard drive itself, or even a cloud folder. We’re hoping that she learned from the ordeal because a situation like this is always sad to hear about. According to sources, Uncle David has since forgiven her, and has agreed to give her more pictures.

[22 Words via PetaPixel]

  • http://twitter.com/carter1345 John Carter

    . poor baby….

  • Paul

    So what went wrong with undelete?

    • Mark Berry

      Do cameras have undelete? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that feature, but I guess it might exist?

      • Paul

        Camera’s don’t but you can take the memory card and put it in a PC then bingo! Sandisk used to offer it as a free program download from their website.

  • Gordon Lewis

    Seriously? Uncle Dave should have known better than to loan his camera to a 4 year-old.

  • Mensch

    I would say it’s more painful to see how her parents expose that poor little girl to the public.
    Shame on them!

    • Mark Berry

      I’d think they’re actually pretty proud of her honesty. What exactly do you worry that they’re exposing her to?

    • ext237

      When I was a kid, my parents would discuss my behavior issues privately. Public shaming a child via YouTube replaces discrete correction.

  • pepporony

    Can’t we just use some recovery tool, sit back for like 5 minutes and get a photo back?

    • chris

      Exactly. Unless you overwrite the data location by taking more photos recovery of this photo would be very easy. Not really an arguement for backup, especially if your out with a camera. Who brings laptop with them to back up photos immediately. Back up is in case your hard drive crashes, not accidentally deleting a photo in camera. Which can easily recovered when you upload photos from memory card and do back up.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mazin.s Mazin A. Salahaddin

    Mustafa awja atw agat laxotbe ka baba gawravw labar daste laba :)