Having Fun @ The Pool #2 – What a Splash

It has been about 20 days from when I asked DIYP readers to jump in the group pool. Well, you made quite a splash. In less then 20 days the pool has grown to more then 2000 members. Actually we are at an interesting point where the pool is three members short from matching the number of members to the current year. (Making it as the 2008th member on 2008 is known to grant three wishes to the user).

Slowly but surly the pool is becoming a rejuvenating dip. While great DIYP projects are still being submitted to the pool, I see and interesting (and blessed) change where photographers (Pros and amateurs alike) are also submitting great pictures (1,110 and counting). There are still one or two favs here from my contacts, who did not submit their photos to the pool. If anybody knows how to search for favorites within a pool, please ping me at the comments.

Building Society by rsplatpc We are choosing hope over fear. by sharaff Bright Eyes by LeggNet Desert Junkyard by zebthepilot Shine by www.intofotos.com 2 lillies by Rob1690
Smiles and Rubiks by walkersharpe greetings, human by a.m.n Ethereal by like_shipwrecks hand by FotoKong Prambanan by r_o_n_n_i Spectacular strawberry splash by robgr85_PL
read lines by rsplatpc Fly portrait by robgr85_PL smurf by FotoKong smena macro by second_color tracks by rsplatpc lighting experiment by tim rudder
Stop and Smell the Flowers by auer1816 Im flying... by NAPIE -13 by mmhappypants Hidden Emotions by heckcare_der Man on Subway by rsplatpc D Street by auer1816
Veering Left by Darren C. DSCF8180 copy by Charles Key May You Find Some Comfort by Only This What's Your Poison by nickwheeleroz 080420-Boxing-513 by c71clark gloriosa macro by gnackgnackgnack
Scanner Photography 19 by pyuri Spoons 2  by Bald Monk Vini #2 by kos_mos No Smoking by Justin Elbert by justin_elbert You Big Wet Drip by nickwheeleroz After the storm by Gilad Benari

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