Hacked Nikon Firmware Allows Manual Control With D5100 While In Liveview

While the NikonHacker firmware is light years behind its MagicLantern Canon sister, it is slowly making its paces.

The latest release from NH includes some pretty happy news for Nikon D5100 users – the ability to shoot manual while in live view mode. NH tells that the feature was there all along, only it was disabled in software and needed a small technical tap to be unlocked.

Here is a short explanation coming from coderat, a member of NH forums, suggesting that mode D7000 features can be brought into the D5100 (bold by me):

I guess the reason is pretty obvious: D5100 and D7000 firmwares are built from same source code. So most things from D7000 are inside D5100, perhaps all (I expect also DOF-preview function be there, but no button to activate). Because we see for example everywhere in a cycle work with SDHC Channel 0 and Channel 1 in D5100, but only channel 0 is enabled. Same sensor, same TX chip, and it is much easier to keep firmware almost same because you save a lot of time for development and testing.

This makes the D5100 the most patched camera from NH with features including:

  • Remove Time Based Video Restrictions
  • NEF Compression Off
  • NEF Compression Lossless
  • Remove NEF Nikon Star Eater, for Astro folks
  • Jpeg Compression – Quality (vs. Space)
  • Non-brand Battery
  • Live View Manual Control ISO/Shutter

Of course, Nikon does not officially support those hacks and you run them at your own risk.

[D5100 Manual Control In Liveview]

  • Kevin

    Aww yeah!

  • Jimi

    OK… NOW I might actually install this hacked firmware… the features haven’t been great enough to warrant the risk until now!

  • winnerger

    does it also work on the D5000?

    • http://simeonpilgrim.com/ Simeon Pilgrim

      No, there currently is no released firmware for D5000 to patch.

    • 4cc3ss

      We only have a small collection of cameras between us, unfortunately we don’t own a D5000, Simeon already stated theres no fw update

  • Lucho Fotografía

    does Live View Manual Control ISO/Shutter works on d7000??

    • http://simeonpilgrim.com/ Simeon Pilgrim

      Well the method under lying does work, but the camera already has the option in the menu’s also.

  • Nathan Dion

    I tried it and it works, BUT, I had a glitch. The video skips a lot in playback after installing “hacked firmware” on my D5100. Never did before. I am reverting back to stable stock firmware and just gonna deal with the limitations. It was nice to have so much control over exposure without having to flip the live switch. oh well