Grown Up Babies? Use Their Strollers As Photo Assistants

If your baby has grown up and no longer needs a stroller, don’t throw it away. Photographer Jim Davenport found a cool use for it replacing the conventional way to carry gear.

Grown Up Babies? Use Their Stroller As Photo Assistants

That may sound trivial, the stroller is capable of carrying a full small on the go studio. in one load.  As anyone who carried babies for long durations knows, It is way (WAY) easier to carry lots of gear in a stroller, rater then in on your back / hands.

Adn if that was not enough, the stroller (plust some velcro straps) doubles as quick on the go lightstand support, eliminating some of the need for sand bags.

Plus This is how Jim describes it:

“For the time being I am using velcro straps to connect the light stand to the stroller handle. The straps work pretty well but I do want to customize the stroller a little. My bag and tripod fit on the stroller, my softbox fits in the pocket on the back, and my box with remote releases, filters, etc., fits underneath so it work pretty well as it is’

If you have a photographer as significant other, this may be the card in your sleeve for convincing them to get that high-end stroller for your new born.

[Jogging Stroller 2 via Jim Davenport‘s photostream]