The Greatest GigaPixel Ever Live Stream

Today we have something a bit unorthodox. We’ll be sharing the live view from KameraKind & Benjamin Von Wong‘s largest photographed Where’s Waldo? ever made. If you want the live on-location feed, just hit the jump. (a detailed account will follow in a dedicated post)

The Greatest GigaPixel Ever Live Stream

If you have kids (or was ever a kid yourself) you probably know the Where’s Waldo book series. Each page in the book is a mess of happenings, with gazillion people interaction. Your challenge is to find Waldo, a chap with a red stripped shirt on each of those pages.

Over at Germany, they have a similar game called Wimmelt which has less people but they all interact. KameraKind took the challenge of shooting a real, live page of the book over at the German town of Traunstein. Not as easy as it sounds.

This huge Gigapixel panorana will be done with a Arduino controlled rotating head mounted with a D800 and a 400mm 2.8 lens.

The Greatest GigaPixel Ever Live Stream

Here are some numbers to blow you away:

  • The panoramic head weighs 12 kilos and has to carry a total weight of 12 Kilos (1kg Camera, 6kg lens, 5gk counterweight).
  • Over 400 actors and models most will pose more than once
  • Town was shut down for a day
  • The production crew is over 50 people big including: 3 camera controllers, 10 make up artists, 10 technical crew people, 10 people security team, 15 hair and style artists and a few more. The picture below is the make up room

The Greatest GigaPixel Ever Live Stream

The plan includes over 100 detailed scenes spanning over 300 pictures taken over 13 hours. Here is a quick small scale mock up the team used to plan the shoot

The Greatest GigaPixel Ever Live Stream

For more info, visit here (in German)

Update: The show is over, stay tuned for the results of this Epic day… you can watch some of the moments in the vidoe above.


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