Great Things To Come – Day One Q&A

Three days ago I made a post about me taking blogging and photography as my main job (and by main I mean only). The response has been overwhelming and inspiring. I would like to thanks everyone for the support mails, comments, donations and offers to guest post.

One cool thing that emerged from the feedback is that it helped me to learn what DIYP readers want to see in DIYP and this will help me better tune the site. There were also a lot of questions that I thought would be best answered in a single post.

So I am going to do a short Q&A below, I am still soliciting for feedback on what you want so some of the Q&A will have follow up question. I would be thankful if you could take a minute to answer. It would help me and the DIYP set more focused goals for the road ahead.

Q: Now, that you’ve gone all pro on us, will you stop using DIY equipment?

A: Throughout my (short) career, I learned that you wanna match horses for courses. This means that for some of the projects I am/was/will be using DIY stuff and for some I will be using more look-refined higher-functionality bought gear. That greatly depends on the task at hand. Regardless of what I use I will still be blogging about DIY and photography. In fact, since I will have more time to shoot, I will probably need more gear, so it will be a great opportunity to make some new stuff.

Q: Why don’t you have a facebook fanpage?

A: I do now. YAY! It is right here. I’ve marked the spot. Thanks for everyone that suggested this. (In fact this one came up so many times, that I feel like a sinner by not having a DIYP facebook page till now. I would love to know what you are looking for in a facebook page. You can either put it in the comments, or on the dedicated facebook thread.

Q: We would love to see more kits.

A: OK this is not really a question, but more of a general comment. However it came up repeatedly, so I am referring to it. I have a few kits in mind for the next year to come. Some are lighting related, some are… well you’ll just have to hang in there and see. However, making a quality kit requires quite a bit of effort and resources (money, time and talent). The ball is now rolling on several projects. If there is a specific kit you’d like to see, hit me in the comments.

This is also a great opportunity to say thanks for huge sales peak on the Bokeh Masters Kit following the post. It is a great way to show support for the site, but you should really buy it cuz it rocks!

Q: What are you looking for in a guest post / writer?

A: I am looking for great idea that are photography related, whether it is a device you’ve built, and interesting project, a tip or an interesting setup to discuss. The writer and I usually ping-pong a bit and then make a post with appropriate credits. If that interests you leave a comment (which I will not make public) or contact me here.