85 Great Photography Blogs, Galleries and Sites You Can’t Afford to Miss

librarianWOW! I love DIYP readers! A week ago I asked DIYP readers to introduce yourselves by sharing your photography with the rest of DIYP readers. A total of 85 (that’s almost triple my age) photographers and bloggers accepted the challenge and stepped up to share their blog, gallery, site or flickr stream.

I was happy to get familiar with 85 photography sites, blogs and galleries. During the course of the week, I have paid a visit to each of the sites and blogs, learning a bit about each of you. My RSS reader is now fully loaded with tons of new feeds.

The images found on the sites listed below took my breath more then once. I also found it very hard on many occasions to tell amateurs from pros. Man there are some darn fine amateurs out there. Below you will find a list of all the great places I visited and all the great people who makes DIYP so special.
Image by Cindi.

If you are on this list, take a few minutes to visit one of the other sites. It is a great opportunity to exchange ideas, meet someone new and take advantage of the blogging medium.

Great Photography Blogs

Under this category, I listed DIYP reader’s blogs that are all about photography. The blogs feature photos, how-to’s, photography thoughts and more.

  1. MattBell Photography, flickr
  2. Epic Edits, flickr
  3. Twitching Eye
  4. Black Moleskin, flickr
  5. L7Foto
  6. L7 Studios
  7. LeggNet’s Digital Capture
  8. Alex Wise Photography
  9. Light Chasers Photography, flickr
  10. Shutter Shocks, flickr
  11. Fasty (non English)
  12. Chicago Mike Photoblog
  13. All Day I Dream About Photography
  14. Photography Competitions
  15. Povesti ale noii lumi (some English)
  16. The Place For belZaah
  17. Dennis Bullock Photography
  18. Stephanie Friedman Photography

Great Galleries

Here you will find photographer that don’t talk :)

  1. Eloph Photography
  2. mbonidotcom
  3. Paulo Carrasco
  4. J Shears Photography, flickr
  5. Blair Gable Photo, Weddings
  6. f/1.0
  7. Photos by Freakdev
  8. François private photography
  9. Syde Fx Ink (click ENTER then PHOTOGRAPHY tab)
  10. Morrmota

Great Flickr Streams

OK, so not everyone has their own site. Give a big KUDOS to the flickr streams listed below

  1. Joseph Hoetzl
  2. Richie Moriarty
  3. kinosam (a really great multi media gallery)
  4. Rodrigo Maia

Great Photobloggery

Somewhere between the blog and flickr, there is the image blog. A pic a day or a pic a week. Not allot of chat. Great pictures.

  1. wideangle.ca
  2. Firda Beka Photography, flickr
  3. Photo Graphe
  4. Tree in forest
  5. kukas, flickr
  6. Little Red Tent, flickr
  7. Jumping Rat (non English)
  8. ED Digital Photoblog
  9. Deinna & Lou Great Photographic Adventure, Gallery

Great Photo Biz

Four photobiz sites

  1. Hexfire Photography & Design
  2. Images of Life
  3. Seshu Photography, (blog)
  4. JBM Photography

Great Forum(s)

A forum in the growing

  1. dSLR Geeks
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