Great High Speed Photography Trigger by Tom Barnett

flash triggerTom Barnett (pxlsnfr) has come up with some great High Speed Photography shots.

Tom uses very basic circuitry to trigger the flash on “hearing noise” and a bit more complex (though still pretty simple) circuit to avoid repeating flash triggering.

In fact the basic circuitry is just one SCR with plus and minus going to the flash and minus and gate going to an amplified mic. See pictures below.

From the number of crushed bulbs on Tom’s photostream, I’d recommend his services to any person that wants to be environment friendly and move to Energy-saving compact fluorescents (CFs).

What I like about Tom’s High Speed Photography, is that Tom controls this technique flawlessly, and can use it to photograph images with a great amount of creativity.

pxlsnfr flash trigger

Here are some more shots to explain Tom’s setup:

SCR Basic Circuitry – only one component needed for the most basic setup to trigger flash on noise:


OneShot circuit – This device prevents multiple exposures from secondary noise when capturing images with a sound trigger. It locks out audio signals for 3 seconds after the initial soundwave triggers the flash.


Complete setup (Not responsible for damage to your equipment. Use this info at your own risk)


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