GoPro Strapped To Angry Ram Captures A Duel With A Motorcyclist

A few weeks back a viral video was circulating the web showing a horned New Zealander ram dueling with a motorcyclist Marty Todd. The flick went viral and was shown on CNN, CBS and many more new outlets.

GoPro Strapped To Angry Ram Captures A Duel With A Motorcyclist

However, all the coverage was pretty one sided only showing the action from the motorcyclist point of view.

In an act which I am not sure if to call heroic or plain stupid, Todd returned to the same spot, found the same ram and mounted a GoPro camera on the animal’s back using a Velcro strap. The footage captured show the action from the ram’s point of view.

Here is the original movie with the same go pro mounted as a helmet cam.

You Shall Not Pass jokes in 3, 2, 1…

[Angry ram vs rider - He's back & angrier than ever - RAMCAM edition | Marty Todd]

P.S.On a copmletly differnt mood, a Camera Strapped To Eagle shows a magestic and peaceful view of The Glorious French Mountains.


  1. Mister Guy says

    Wow he comes into the rams Habitat fights the ram and goes deeper into the habitat. DOUCHEBAG

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