GoPro Hero3 And GoPro Hero3+ Compared Head To Head

GoPro which is kinda the standard for action cameras today recetly released the GoPro Hero3+ (with + being the new part) after releasing the Hero3 late last year.

The new Hero 3+ boast a new camera and housing with longer battery life, better image quality, a smaller form factor and better WiFi connectivity.

GoPro Hero3 And GoPro Hero3+ Compared Head To Head

But is it worth the extra $70. Here is an indipendant test from Kyle Heart, who did not believe the GoPro specs and made a test of his own. Guess what? GoPro were on the dot with each of their claims.

To make the test Kyle 3D printed an adapter that mounts 2 GoPro cameras at similar view points (which gives them points right there – hey guys, release the files… :)

Wifi almost triples its range, sharpness (as viewed from a octa-copter) was superior, low light performances were better and battery lasted 30% longer to the second.

Interesting;y, the camera case did not change at all and all the changes were either done in the housing or inside the camera, which I guess is nice since it will fit all your old accessories.

It is pretty nice to see a 100% accurate spec after that horrible fiasco with rotolight.

  • Rhino Camera Gear

    Here’s the CAD file for the GoPro comparison tool you asked for, we’ve made it public and free to download:

    • udi tirosh

      super nice of you guys! thanks

    • joe_average

      yes, thank you for the info! more is always better and i’m glad to see your contribution to help people choose the camera that’s right for them. kudos to the production quality too!
      aside: I love that action cameras are getting good attention; they’re fun for so many applications!
      also, sorry for ranting in the comments below. in retrospect, I should have toned it down or posted elsewhere.

  • Dave H

    I noticed that the popular Wasabi battery charger kit specifically says that their charger only works with the original Hero3 batteries and their own batteries and not the Hero3+ battery…so there might be something there to dig into.

  • Tayza

    from what i know for battery life is that no hardware/firmware improvement. more battery life becoz of bigger battery capacity?
    1050 hero3 vs 1200 hero3+ .

  • joe_average

    +, really? ha! why bother with image sharpness if it is going to be blurry anyway? the lack of image stabilization on an action cam is a serious joke. not only does the sony hdr-as10, 15, and 30 have ois, they also beat the hero hands down in image quality and price. furthermore, the new as30 has gps and nfc!!! the *only* thing gopro does well is make pretty commercials with well paid sponsers. sony may be a tad late to the action cam scene, but they’re poised to completely dominate the market soon.

    • Rick

      It’s really not even worth rebutting such bias and ignorance.

      • ext237

        I disagree. Would be interesting to hear a rebuttal for comparison. Go ahead.

        • Rick

          For starters, Sony action cams don’t have ois, they have dis. And dis can just as easily be done in the computer without taking the considerable FOV hit that using it in the Sony cam takes. Sony also stores video at a considerably lower data rate than the GoPro so the assertion that the Sony has better video quality has no basis in fact. (The vast number of professional videographers that use GoPros for their B rolls also dispels the notion that they are in any way blurry.) As far as the issue of price, the video resolutions of the 30 are the same as the GoPro 3 Silver which is the same price, so no specific lead there. So the only thing that he said that was remotely correct would be that it has GPS and NFC. And while GPS is a nice feature, NFC is nothing more than a gimmick as it only works with a limited number of smart phones. And finally, “poised to completely dominate” is laughable at best. Sony is not even trying. The new model offered no upgrades in image quality or resolutions, it just added GPS and NFC. (Whoopee!)

          • joe_average

            bias, perhaps (since I’ve owned the sony as15 for 6 months now, and no I don’t own a hero); ignorance, no need to be rude, i’m just enthusiastic about my choice of camera after I did months of research (specs and prices). I paid $210 for the as15 while the hero 3 black was a solid $400. and now all of the sony accessories have significantly dropped in price too.
            just so we’re on the same page…

            sony lists the steady shot as “active.” do you have another source that says it is digital?
            in general, quality always takes a huge hit in sharpness with post-process image stabilization. if the footage was recorded blurry, there’s little to fix that. yes, videographers may employ them. that alone doesn’t mean a product is superior. the youtube video above showed video footage on a rail! come on, these are action cameras. handheld footage should look great since you are the image stabilization. but I use mine to mountain bike, and I’ve seen the difference between footage with and w/o stabilization (mounting on handle bars, helmet, and chest). it is huge, and, it saves me tons of post-processing time.
            data rate at 1080p: sony as30 16 (HQ) and 24 (SSLOW) Mbps, hero 3+ [?] (not found). this is really dictated by the micro sd card (and has been ever since flash camcorders came out); the cards have very real limitations on write speed, and no where near the manufactures’ listed speed, for reliable operation. both cameras are have the same limitation here; why bring it up.
            I regularly get close to 3 hours of video or images on one battery (wifi off). the hero 3 gets ~2 hours. lame.
            actually, gps is huge advantage for active users! it makes me think of upgrading to merge my data that I usually collect from my phone. nfc: don’t knock it if you don’t have experience here. I download to pc, so this isn’t particularly attractive, personally.
            yes, the hero 3+ has some higher resolutions available. that’d be nice, but not a clincher since the fps is so low (again limited by the sd card!). also, the as30 now shoots at higher res images than the as15. good fix.
            correct, sony could do more to get into this segment. as I said earlier, gopro makes great videos (notice a lot of slow motion). “dominate” is really my hope; I’d hate to see this go down with the Betamax.
            imo, sony is the better buy and I highly recommend it. i’d like to play with a gopro, but its out of my budget :(

          • Kay

            The first thing I thought when I first got my hands on an AS15 was “uh oh, this thing is going to break in my hand.” They feel super flimsy to me.

          • joe_average

            yeah, they could make ’em more sturdy; but then the price and weight goes up too. so far, mine has lasted through a few bike crashes (in the housing). the bigger problem is the pile up of video for me to process!

          • ext237

            Hi Joe. Hmm … Interesting info, but think I was looking more for a head-to-head comparison as opposed to comments about this video. For example technical specs to bring us to understand your strong opinion. Some folks bitterly defend something as part of the purchase justification, irrespective of other benchmarks, such as quality difference. So help bring us to where you are. Thanks.

          • joe_average

            good points. let me see what info I can dig up. like a table of specs side-by-side? or a video quality comparison? I can compare video between my as15 and canon 60d (w/ magic lantern), but i’ll have to find a friend with a gopro; no promises. oh man… I open my big mouth and now I’ve got work to do, lol, =D

    • Neil Schollar

      really,I`m a diver,how deep is the sony rated to ?

      • joe_average

        197 ft with the first edition case. also check out the upgraded, flat door specifically for diving to prevent blur and chromatic aberration. the new, smaller case is only 15 ft. they’re trying to cut weight/size for non-diving applications.
        fyi for some that might be new to dive photography…
        remember to always clean and lightly re-grease the o-ring of any dive case before your dive, especially in a clean, climate controlled room. and don’t forget the desiccant to prevent fogging. look for a special kit that has all the special grease, lens cleaner, and desi packs to make it easier.

  • boitolette

    Ok, I’ll buy a Contour+2 !

  • Facebook User

    I am not that impressed I will wait till they up the FPS in 1080 mode to spend the money as my 3 Black is great especially with various lens filters.

  • dapexdave

    I agree that Gopro is simply better at marketing their products.. BUT as someone who wants a camera for diving there are so many filters etc for the gopro it makes it hard to buy anything else??