Gopro Captures Base-Jumper Hitting Rock, Turns Capture Into An Epic Slo-Mo Footage

Base jumping is one of the more dangerous extreme sports out there (if you can call it a sport). If involves jumping of cliffs (or bridges or towers) and starting a parachute pretty close to the ground. Did I say dangerous?

Gopro Captures Base-Juper Hitting Rock, Turns Capture Into An Epic Slo-Mo Footage

A base jumper who goes by the nickname Subterminallyill just posted this epic video that shows how easily a base jump can go wrong when the parachute hits a cliff.

In what appears to be a capture from his helmet GoPro Subterminallyill documents in slow-mo his clash with the wall, followed by a long and hurtful fall.

There is very little documentation on the video, but the description shows the enormous impact the fall had, resulting in severe injuries: “Compression Fracture of the T12 Vertebra, 5 stitches to the eye, 6 stitches to the chin, severely sprained Back, wrist and hand. multiple bruised areas

Doing a little digging up on the jumper, you can see that he is really pushing it to the edge living his life. I a reddit discussion from a few months back, Subterminallyill shares his point of view on life, responding to a redditor complaining that “his life sucks”:

Mine [life] was no different. It all starts with one commitment to yourself, one call to the local dropzone (AFF, not tandem), one trip to the local climbing gym, buying a longboard, etc. There is adventure to be had all around you. The hardest part is finding the drive within yourself to find it…because it isn’t hard to find once you start. If you really feel that way, then let it sink in that “you only have one shot at life”…don’t waste it! Do what you think will make you happy…if it blows up in your face or fails, WHO CARES, at least you’re trying. If you keep trying long enough there’s no way you won’t find your niche.

My life changed forever the day I walked in to a little college climbing wall. From there it was a chain of events, each logical from one to another and before I knew it I was an experienced BASE jumper. You are your own life’s catalyst. #

[Cliff Strike 11/24/2013 | Subterminallyill. Thanks for the heads up, Ben]

  • agour

    he’s damn lucky to be walking away from that alive, with relatively little injuries too..

    • Zach Keller

      agreed 100%.
      This video turned my stomach! Wow.

  • Joel Penner

    owwwwww. that was hard to watch. And that song… it’s like knowing audibly you’re watching a train/basejump wreck in slo-mo as it starts…

  • David

    He is an idiot, he hit the wall because he had a twist in his risers, and he probably packed his own chute. If he wouldn’t have left that twist in there, his chute would have opened the other direction (facing away from the cliff) and the natural forward momentum of the chute would have pulled him away from the rock face rather than into it.

    • Eric Bobby Dazzler

      I think you’re the idiot for your armchair antics. If you had any real experience in this field I think you would have sympathy for the guy rather than trying to make yourself look all knowledgeable and slagging him off….

    • Jake Stewart

      You’re absolutely right David. The whole thing was his fault, all the way, since he PROBABLY packed his own chute. I mean, thats almost a fact since its so probable right? And great job with clearing up the details on how it all went down, especially the physics. I suppose wind was never a possibility. And hey, how about that reddit post of his? Does that not make him an idiot? Words of enlightenment to help nurture another person, pshh what and idiot…

  • slvrscoobie

    It was probably lucky that he did hit the only part of the wall jutting out, allowed him to use his soft parts to slow his decent some, so that he didnt just slide down that face at full speed and shatter his legs

  • Dbakeca Italia

    nice video

  • Hoot Gibson

    Just got back from Moab, Dual Sport Motorcycle Riding…the locals spend a fortune cleaning up the dead and injured from dumbass Base Jumpers like this clown….

  • La Bitte Grande