Google Declares War On Vertical Video

If you use an Android device (or just read photo and tech blog) there was no way to avoid hearing about Google’s blitz into the Camera app realm with their new Google Camera. The camera has many new features (like adaptive lens blur, Photo spheres and others).

Interestedly, it looks like Google also declared a war on vertical video (also known as VSS or vertical video syndrome).

When you switch into video more the camera app will provide a ‘gentle’ reminder in the form of a ‘please rotate’ icon. This icon should alert you  on the fact that you are not shooting horizontally as any educated photographer should be shooting.

Once you tilt the phone all the way to horizontal, the icon is gone.

If you are not really sure why vertical video is bad for you, you may wanna watch this VSS PSA from Glove and Boots

 [Thanks for the heads up Itay]


    • joe_average says

      Don’t be a nitpick! English is a second language for some of the writers, have some consideration. Besides, read for content and enjoy the free info!

  1. Jamie Senz says

    It’s mobile OS designers fault in the first place. Video capture should have always defaulted to landscape with an option to switch to portrait. Hindsight is a bitch ; )

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