Going From Bedroom To Studio To Bedroom In 108 Seconds

Photographer James Burger walks us through a 108 seconds journey of converting his bedroom into a studio and back. And he does that stop motion, no less. (If you are reading this via RSS, you may want to click the post to see the full vid). 

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So James proved once and for all that it is possible to have a bedroom, a studio (and a double bed) in the same time. It may sound trivial for some, however, if you are piling gear like there is no tomorrow carefully stocking for a future big shoot, you are bound to appreciate the creativity of this guy.

First thing is James willingness to move heavy furniture aside to make some space. This probably the most important aspect of a home studio; your studio will double as a living/bed/guest room. Toughs, but that is reality, you cannot always afford a room just for photo stuff. I know I can’t. Now. When I move it is a different story :).

Second thing is the fact that almost all of James equipment is portable/fold away.  Two thumbs up for the DIY backdrop mount on second 23. Next is the table out of nowhere magic (second 28), and last are the flashes and light modifiers from the suitcase (second 49). All should nicely fit in the closet.

I’ll be spending quite a bit of time on creating such a studio at home on the (originally named) Studio @ Home series starting tomorrow.

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    Let’s here it for the 5d Classic……4 years after the fact 😀