There Goes Your Workday: Toronto Star Photojournalists Show Us How They Get Their Shots

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Three nights ago, the Houston Rockets were taken out of the NBA Playoffs after Damian Lillard made a layup with 0.9 seconds left in the game. Before that 0.9 seconds, everyone was already sure that Houston was about to move on to the next game. A shot of Damian Lillard finishing that throw needs to be taken by a photographer that can keep up with the pace that game was going at. Photojournalism is a relentless job. Everything is unpredictable, and photographers have to be ready to capture that unpredictability.

The Toronto Star offers an archive of videos made by their very own photojournalists; in them they try teaching us exactly how they execute their work when they’re put in positions where they need to be quick on their feet.

The Master Glass Series, as it’s called, is already at its 47th episode, and it’s a gold mine of information. For anyone that’s seeking to head into photojournalism, these videos are nothing but tips straight from the professionals themselves. Each video gives you something different to take from it, and each video goes over different techniques on angles, settings, and set-ups. With how many different situations photographers are put in daily as journalists, these videos attempt to tackle as many different scenarios as they can think of.

Check out the full set here, and try checking these out in case you’re too lazy to scroll through and find something for yourself. We’ve all been in that situation where we’ve had no absolute idea what to watch on Netflix and just sat there scrolling instead.

Since it’s playoff season, check out how exactly these guys get those shots on the court, an environment where things are constantly in action.

Or learn how to protect your lenses with Lens Bumpers:

Or take a look into how you can make the best of your next trip to the city aquarium and take shots that come out right:

Or see what goes into an Olympic shooting kit:

From just those few videos alone, you should have an idea of just how wide of a variety there is in this series. Check them out and leave a comment below if you find one you like in particular!

[Toronto Star via PetaPixel]

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