The GIFTY Camera Prints Animated GIFs. Needs To Move From Concept To Reality

While there is currently only one GIFTY camera in the world (at Jiho Jang’s room), it would be completely awesome if someone took this concept and made it a reality. But right now, this fresh camera is the a one of a kind brain child of Jiho Jang as part of his college thesis.

GIFTY is a fun (or toy) camera that snaps short animated GIFs and then prints them on Zink inkless paper (kinda like the Polaroid Z2300 in-camera printer). The paper is then cut into a small flip-book that animates just like an animated Gif. Actually it is way, way cooler.

<cough, cough> anyone mentioned kickstarter..?

[GIFTY | Jiho Jang via gizmodo]