Getting a Complete Day Of Battery power For a camera and Monitor for $150


If you were not satisfied with the 9 hours battery solution we shared last week, Caleb Pike shares an even better solution that not only lasts more than a day of shooting HD on a DSLR, but it can also power a monitor for that day.

The solution is build around a (bit shaky) NP-F970 Battery Adapter which is compatible with Canon in via a similar adapter to the one we showed last week.

Now Caleb is pretty upfront about the build quality of the unit which apparently is not that awesome, but on the flip side of it, it is very budget friendly.

The solution is build around an NP-F970 Battery Adapter ($85) along with two Sony NP-F970 batteries($20). The plate, which can be used like any standard power plate, is actually powered by two Np-F970 type batteries. This brings the complete cost of this solution down to around $120.  To complete the setup, Caleb locks the plate with a $30 rod clamp, which brings this solution to a round $150. Not bad for a full day of shooting + some accessories juice.


But no solution comes without compromise (while sometimes you compromise on price). With this specific rig, the downside is build quality, which Caleb describes as mediocre, this is why the rod clam came in – for stabilization. On the other hand they provide some stabilization by shifting the gravity center of the rig backwards.

[Battery Plate that Powers Your DSLR and Accessories for Over 12 Hours via No Film School]