Get Some Essential Lighting Into Your Photos

ighting-essentials.jpgSometimes there is nothing you can do but be amazed by the sharing spirit of people around the web. Following Just Fab recommendation I surfed to check out a lighting site. (Yap, she is the fabulous one who brought you the Ghetto Studio).

I clicked her link and… TADA! Lighting-Essentials hit me all its glory. The site is run by Don Giannatti whom you might know as Wizwow.

lighting-essentials is a one stop shop for the knowledge starved photographer. First thing, I started looking at some clearly explained lighting setups, and lighting gear crash course. (Note that Don is using some cool diagrams to show lighting setups).

The movies section is full with cool lighting tutorials and photoshop tutorials. But the real gem was found under the "Features" column on the home page. Some great lighting videos and tutorial.

UPDATE: Look out for new year’s – starting January 1 lighting-essentials will feature a tutorial section and assignment per week. There will be a mentor area, critique area (invite only) and more

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