Gain Total GoPro Control By Accesing it Via Wi-Fi


GoPro has some cool time lapse features, but they are somewhat restricted, especially the interval between shots parameter which is limited to 60 seconds. If the camera is close to a computer though, you can get total control over the camera by issuing simple HTTP requests.

Adrian Sitterle shares a complete list of HTTP GoPro commands as well as a simple script that uses them to take a timelapse with a 30 minutes interval.

Those commands control everything from waking the up the camera; through

  • taking a picture
  • controlling video parameters like resolution and FPS
  • time lapse interval
  • white balance
  • burst mode and parameters
  • on screen display
  • and a few others…

The full list can be found on Adrian’s GitHub. Adrian than used thos commands to create a time-lapse script that ran, not on the camera, but on a wifi-master computer.

This means that as long as you have wifi access to the camera, you can manipulate it via your PC, MAC or even android.


[Removing GoPro’s timelapse frequency constraints via hackaday]

P.S. Adrian also casually mentions that

you can browse all pictures and videos on your GoPro over WiFi! Just browse to in your browser

  • derek byrne

    So does that last casual mention means I can see anyone’s images if in wifi range?

    • Adrian

      You need to be on that gopro’s wifi network. If you disabled wifi security form your gopro, then yes, anyone can see your photos.

  • Elnur

    you need wi-fi password….