Fun Ideas For Shaped Bokeh

Fun Ideas For Shaped Bokeh

I know that it is a bit after Valentines now, but you got to hand it to the guys over at Samsung.

The team over there, created a super fun video showing various techniques of using a shaped bokeh filter. (Heck, they even included a free template for the Samsung NX system).

Talking about taking shaped bokeh to the next level. The folks at Samsung do every possible bokeh trick in the book including out of focus exposure of sparkles, LEDs, marvels, water highlights, driving cars and everything and anything that has a dot highlight. A great vid to get some bokeh ideas from.

P.S. I know Valentines has passed, but our LOVE for bokeh is here any day of the year, check out our Shaped Bokeh Resource page.

P.P.S If you love shaped bokeh, but hate knifes and scissors, you can get our shaped bokeh masters kit right here.

[Show your love with beautiful BOKEH via petapixel]

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