Friday Fun: Bat Bokeh And Angry Birds

Friday Fun: Bat Bokeh And Angry BirdsI always love sharing images by readers and sometimes it is not the high end productions that are shared, but the ones that will produce a smile on the last day of the week.

Aside from being fun images, the couple below are also great little projects to run during the weekend with your kids.

Here are two great photos posted in the group pool / blog comments.

The Bat Bokeh

Bat Bokeh

Interesting concept from Diego Garcia. If you want to learn how to make amazing bokeh, try this shaped bokeh post – you would need a DSLR, Some cardboard and a precision knife.

Angry Birds With Sugar And Cookies

Angry Birds: invasion dans la cuisine

If you got nothing better to do with the kids, you can recreate your favorite angry birds chapter with cookies and sugar cubes like Nicolas Renard. You would need cookies and some angry birds

Hope you have a great weekend