Freelens By Building Your Own Bellows

Freelens By Building Your Own BellowsSome of the comments about the freelensing quickie we posted were deeply concerned with dust.

One way to solve the dust issue is to make a small step away from 100% free free lensing. The plunger lens is one way of doing so using a… well… a plunger :)

Another way of freelensing without concern for dust or flare is by building bellows. DC Watch has a nice video tutorial that you can follow along with a template PDF.

And if you feel comfy with slightly broken English, you can follow the instruction on the machine translated post from DC Watch.

[via nikonrumors]

  • Dave

    pretty cool, until the end of the video where he just took blurry pictures of urinals and stairs instead of doing something cool with macro or tilt-shift

  • Jon Peckham

    But how does one get this template to fold your own rectangle bellows? I need to learn how to fold . . .