Free Introduction To Macro Photography Webiar With David Saffir and C. David Tobie

If you ever wanted to try out macro photography and did not know where to start, Datacolor is hosting a free webinar covering almost everything you need to know to get started on macro photography.

I don't need shades to look cool

Hers is a short pitch for the webinar:

The world presents us with a variety of subjects to photograph. Some may be extremely small and a bit difficult to discover or even recognize their full potential. Macro photography allows us to capture an extreme close-up and emphasize intricate detail. It can be challenging and demands a great deal of attention to photographic technique.

Join us, Tuesday, July 16th from 3PM-4PM EDT, as Datacolor Experts David Saffir and C. David Tobie explore techniques and possibilities in Macro photography, including camera and lens selection, camera supports, focusing rails and focus control, lens reversal, extension tubes lighting, capture color control, image stacking for depth of field, and post-production techniques. You’ll find that Macro photography is easier than it looks which will enable you to produce impressive images in no time!

An interactive Q&A will take place throughout the webinar to answer any questions you may have.

Webinar attendees will have the chance to win a free SpyderLENSCAL, Fotodiox Macro Extension, a DIY Photography Camera Cookie Cutter set or Bokeh Masters Kit. Tune in to also receive exclusive discounts!

While you won’t get out an expert, you will definitely know where to start or to advance to.

Registration is free and you can sign up right here.

photo by spettacolopuro

  • Rick

    Any chance they will tell us how to get bees to sit still while I focus?

  • Lyle

    Be aware, prizes are only available if you live in America.