Four Things You Can Do With Gels Plus A Photogels Bonus

DIY Gridspot - bubble alianOur friend Mason over at is giving a 15% discount for gel packs for DIYP readers.

If you wonder what Gels are good for, and what the heck you can do with those awesome combo packs, read on.  There are many great uses for them gel sheets. Here are my favorite four:

1. You can use gels to color balance your 6500K balanced white flash and tungsten / florescent.

2. Use gelled flashes for creating creative backgrounds.

3. Have a blast with flash light gel caps and light painting.

4. Let your kid look through each of those gels and let you know how they see the world. My daughter digs it.

Simply follow this link and type coupon code “DIY” (no quotes) when checking out.