Fotodiox Excell+1 And Metabones Speedboosters Compared; Lead Is Pretty Obvious

A few days ago we featured a new speedbooster adapter from Fotodiox, the Excell+1. The idea behind the booster is that is remaps the image crated by a full frame lens into a smaller sensor, thus both un-cropping the image and gaining a full stop of light.

Now, this is not the first speedbooster that has gone to the market, about one year ago Metabones introduced a similar series of speedboosters, but the pricing on the two products varies significantly. An Excell+1 would set you back about $160 where as a Meatabones adapter will cost between $490-$590.

Videographer Max Yuryev took the two adapters for a ride and the results seem pretty conclusive to me. You can watch the video above and make your mind alone.

The test used three lenses shooting a piece of printed journal: A Sigma 18-35 1.8, Rokinon 85mm 1.4 and Tamron 17-50 2.8. Max puts all the lenses at their widest aperture and then adds a stop using one of the speedboosters. One option is that Max got a lemon copy of the Excell+1 but if not, Fotodiox should probably go back to the drawing board.


I grabbed on image from the video to give you a general idea, but I recommend watching the entire thing to make your own mind.

[Fotodiox Excell+1 VS Metabones Speedbooster - Review & Problems | Max Yuryev]

  • william ricker

    with all the great Pentax K mount lenses out there, one would think ONE of the two would offer K-to-m43 booster too !

  • Cédric Hauteville

    I guess it’s a case of #yougetwhatyoupayfor

  • MIke

    I keep hearing rumors that Olympus is planning an OM -> m43 adapter with a .75x speed booster. As someone that shoots a lot of m43 and has a ton of old OM lenses, this makes me quite excited. I wonder if the thing will always be rumor, and by the time it comes out I will have replaced my entire OM collection with the m43 equivalents.

  • Gan

    Pretty lame to compare a $150 adapter with a $450 adapter?? Why not do a comparison with one of the chinese ones???