For Halloween – The Strob-O-Lantern

The WatchmanWith Halloween just around the corner I thought that showcasing a nice scary photograph may be inspirational. Of course, since this is DIYP there’s a hack in it. It is using an optically triggered hacked slave flash that was fitted in a Lantern.

Photographer Victor W used a small flash scavenged from a Kodak disposable camera to create a scary watch man photograph. (sorry victor, but watchman at night with threatening faces are scary, if you wanna see Victor’s nice side see here).

The Flash was then fitted in a sea lantern and the shot was taken against dramatic sky. Victor estimates the power at about staggering 5 W/S (Click the image for  Lantern instructions)

Hurricane Lantern Flash

If you are looking for the schematics, Victor posted those: “Circuit diagram? Build instructions? You are joking, right?“, luckily, the schematics and parts can be scavenged from the DIYP’s Disposable Ringflash project.

Yes, Halloween is coming and if you don’t do a fancy hacked photography Halloween project the Watchman will get you!

The Watchman