Fluorescent bulbs and camera flash diffuser

Naomi Charles wrote:

You can now buy 27 watt spiral fluorescent bulbs that output 100watt
daylight 5500 Kelvin at homedepot. I have even seen them at walgreen
pharmacy. They are coollights and last for 7 years.  I have also seen
daylight bulbs from revel and Philips but they are hot lights and last the
same as a regular light bulb. Some if them have a blue tint to them.

I also have a tip on how to diffuse the flash on your camera. tape a piece
of tissue or tissue paper over the flash to reduce red eye.  You can also
tape a piece of posterboard at an angle to bounce the flash of your
camera.  I really like this site.  I can use some of the ideas to really
help me out.  thanks a bunch Naomi

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Hi Naomi,
I am glad that you find the projects on the site useful. Feel free to share your ideas.
Florescence bulbs are cool, they are really good for "over head" lighting. just make sure you buy a daylight balanced one (5000K – 5500K). It is also worth mentioning that florescence do terrible job at getting dimmed – so no dimmer can be connected to them.

you can see the flash diffuser for canon s2is article for more info about your diffusion ideas – or check out the flash mounted softbox and flash diffuser articles for even better results.