Flood The Pool With DIY

I love the DIYP flickr pool. It is a place I go to relax, to learn, to share. The discussions that are going on there are great. And in general it is a nice place to hang out.

When I come to think about it, I never posted clear guidelines on what are the types of images that should go on the pool. Well, trust DIYP loyal readers to start such a discussion. I think it was a great discussion and it helped me realize what readers are actually looking for when browsing the pool. Mind you, browsing is a lot different from submitting.

Only after interacting with the pool chaps, I realized that readers go to the pool in order to get inspired by images that relate to DIY.  This can be your hacks, mods or pastrami camera. It can also be images that you took using DIY or home made setups. It can be images taken using hacked lighting, cheapo mods. Well you get the point. We want to see more DIY in the pool.

After consulting with pool submitters, we made a change to the group TOS. I encourage you all to go and have a looksee.

We are looking for pool submissions that are either of DIY equipment, DIY setup, or taken with DIY equipment (and we mean this in the broad way).  If you are submitting the latter, be kind and drop a word or two on the setup and what mods/hacks/cheapo equipment was used to take the image.

This means that we will start moderating the pool a bit more than we did before. Images that are really, really off will be deleted from the pool. On pick days, this may happen with no heads up.

We have two new moderators for the group: kzemlin and David Sr. – Lapeer. They are going to keep the pool nice and clean…

This may not be trivial. After a long time of having an un-moderated pool, it will take some time for people to adjust to the new policy. But here is the cool thing, once we get this DIY thing going, the pool will become a great place to get inspiration for taking awesome pictures on the cheap.

There is also a flip side to this, there are many pools and groups out there that specialize in nice images. If DIYP pool will become another pool of scenery, cute dogs and family, it will loose it’s distinctness and right to exist. On the other hand, if we will build a strong DIY community, the pool will serve as a focused location for DIY lovers – like you.

While this is the general layout of things, I am really interested in getting some feedback on this. Hit me on the comments, send me spam mail, or call direct. I’d love to hear.

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