Fitting A Sony NEX 5N With A Fan To Shoot Extended Videos

Fitting A Nex 5N With A Fan To Shoot Extended Videos

I remember the days that all we cared about was getting bigger fans in our PC chassis so we can cool the CPU and have it run at higher speeds. Those were fun days.

Seems like the Sony NEX 5N has a similar issue with its sensor getting to the overheat lockdown after 16-20 minutes depending on the ambient conditions.

This may be a don’t care if you are only shooting short clips, but for an interview or a sequence of car shots it can really slow you down.

Aron Anderson of trinityfxmg came up with a mod that reminds me of the old days- adding a fan to the NEX 5N.

The mod is pretty simple, creded by attaching a small CPU fan with a plastic card to the back of the NEX. the mod allows you to still use the LCD while keeping the camera cool and still shooting. Actually, with the fan mod you can get the whole 29:50 minutes and then hit the camera limit.

[Over heating Sony NEX 5N Fan Mod TFX TV # 9 via iso1200]