Father’s Day Special: Create Photography Accessories Holster From Gaffers Tape

Father's Day Special: Create Photography Accessories Holster From Gaffers TapeHere is a project perfect for father’s day.

I know how everybody loves a good duct tape wallet. But come on… We are photographers. Duct tape? Not in this class. We use the real thing – Gaffers Tape. And we use it wisely – to child-proof light stands, to make them invisible and to make lighting modifiers.

It would only make sense that a present for the one who raised you so well would be made from original photographic Gaffers tape.

Step by Step Instructions

First, create a sheet of gaff tape. You do this by taping a piece of gaff tape over another piece of gaff tape with about 2/3 overlap.

DiY filter case 1/9

Then, fold over the top side so it gets sealed.

DiY filter case 2/9

Flip over and add another stretch of gaff tape

DiY filter case 3/9

Rinse and repeat until the sheet is high enough (about three times your filter’s diameter)

DiY filter case 4/9

Using an exacto knife, make a cut on both sides so your sheet is nice and clean

DiY filter case 5/9

Mark the sheet at one third of its length. Fold along the mark, place your filter inside so you have a snug fit and gaff tape on both sides.

DiY filter case 6/9

Cut two small strips of velcro

DiY filter case 7/9

Peel off the hook side and attach it to the top.

DiY filter case 8/9

Attach the loop side, peel the sticker off and close the holster.

DiY filter case 9/9

There you go! A holster for a filter.

Bonus – Memory cards holder

After you have made the sheet, don’t seal off the sides. Instead, make a long strip of non sticky gaff tape by folding it in half along the length.

Place the strips so their edges are just a bit short off the size of a memory cards and gaff them down.

Using another long stretch of narrow gaff tape, split the case in two. Then gaff over it so it stays in place

DIY SD card holder (open)

Concept and illustrations by Sweden based photographer, Joakim Bidebo.