Fast & Curious: GoPro captures biker’s near-death collision

jack-sanderson-bike-crash-titlePerhaps it can be said that I simply like to toy with death a little less than the average person, but you can never accuse biker Jack Sanderson of that. While out for a relaxing, spring-time ride (okay, so he’s weaving across both lanes of traffic at high speeds on very winding roads, and I’m totally confused as to which vehicles are coming or going), the 21-year-old Knutsford, Cheshire resident passed two other bikers, dropped around a turn, and missed a potentially-deadly 60mph head-on collision with an oncoming car by inches, flying off the road and tumbling 40 feet down an embankment.

Watching the video captured from his GoPro helmet cam with my Romanesque fascination for the gory, I expected to witness a life-altering moment in young Jack’s existence. However, with no visible signs of serious physical damage, Jack picked himself up, brushed off a few crumbs of earth, and finished his still-unspilt martini* while climbing back up to the road. (Only a mild concussion was suffered by our hero.)

The moral of the story? If you’re gonna do something crazy and potentially stupid, at least document the hell out of it.

*This is how I imagined it, at least.

  • Guest

    What an idiot!

  • dave

    Clearly riding beyond his ability, his bike could have easily made that corner (this judgement coming from an experienced professional motorcyclist). Gives the rest of us riders a bad name. Get some lessons, and some racetrack training, before you try those speeds mate.

  • James Howard-Davies

    Starts with T, rhymes with splat.

  • Jason Wright

    What the actual F?
    Everything was fine for the first 2:10 of the video, some fine riding. Then suddenly he goes mental!
    Overtaking on blind corners over roads marked for no overtaking. Then for no reason just goes on the wrong side of the road and is surprised a car comes at him?
    Deserved what happened, it’s this sort of riding that gives bikers a bad name.

    • İhsan Cem Onur

      His biggest mistake was his entry speed. His overtake was unlawful but not that technically faulty. He should have slowed down after that and entered the curve slower and sped up through it. Instead he entered the curve speeding up and overshot. At that moment he had no other choice but to try and develop the ability to fly very quickly. He did rather well though. Lucky chap. He walked away unscratched from that one…

      • womppp

        The whole video was unlawful. What caught him was his ego. “F!ck this! i’m over taking him” and while he was thinking this he wasn’t thinking about oncoming traffic.

        Let it be a lesson. If you break laws laws will break you.

        • womppp

          By the way i hope his bike was totaled and was uninsured.

  • ipodtouch27

    It’s on the road between Macclesfield and Buxton (cat and fiddle road) , and is classed as the most dangerous road in the UK. Several bikers die on that road each year, because of the very steep drop offs

    • womppp

      It’s not because of the very steep drop offs. It’s because of the speed they drive at, losing control and off they go.

  • doge

    What an asshole.

  • Freethinker01


  • John

    The guy made a typical mistake – going in too fast, probably target-fixating on the car instead of the exit point, then luckily going even wider into the ditch. Whatever happens in the ditch, hitting a car head on would be worse. I ride a sport bike on canyon roads pretty much exclusively, and what this guy needs is some Keith Code riding education. He’s got the confidence part down, now some more training…..