Facebook Photo Shows Mischievous Moment – Wife Fired, Husband Only Told Off

By now you should probably know that photos you post on social media may come back to haunt you in your non-virtual life.

Laraine Cook, a (former) girls basketball coach for Pocatello High School re-discovered that truth when she was laid off for posting a personal photo of her and her husband. OK, he was touching her breast. (While her mom was peaking over her shoulder)

Facebook Photo Shows Mischievous Moment - Wife Fired, Husband Being Told Off

Cook’s contract was terminated over that photo with the school district claiming that the photo was immoral.

The photo was posted to Facebook over in July and Cook was fired in October, after the photo was on Facebook for less than 24 hours.

Here comes the double standard. While Cook was the one who posted the photo to Facebook, both her and her husband are employed by the same district but only the wife was laid off. The husband was told off, but retained his position as coach. District saying that it is because it was her who posted the photo on her profile.

Cook is currently appealing to district 25 to win her job back.

[localnews8 via Business Insider]

  • Doug Birling

    So the school’s plan for morality was to do something that would give WAY more attention to the photo than just asking her to remove it? Great plan.

  • floyd fleamer

    So, it’s immoral to touch my wife now?

  • Rick

    If you track down the rest of the story, you’ll find he is her fiance, not her husband. And when you see the whole photo, you’ll also notice she has a rather nice figure, especially in a bikini.

    For a photo that was posted for only 24 hours but somehow was forwarded immediately to the Board, it’s fairly clear she has an enemy in the building. She has now learned the hard way that teachers can be a rather petty and vindictive lot and and when you have a hot figure and a hunky fiance you can easily gather enemies in a school building from those who have neither.

  • Sandra

    imoral? what’s this, the 18th century?!

  • Jenn

    Try “she and her husband” and “she who posted the photo.”

  • Skinny Pete

    Why is Hank Schrader touching Skyler White?

  • Morgan Giulianelli

    This is just silly and a waste of that school’s time. They are doing the kids a disservice by taking away a teacher who is clearly passionate enough about her job to fight for it. Its just a boob!

  • Blah

    I can see you “americans” with your dumb laws and understandings are going straight down .. I mean WTF .. it’s my wife, I can touch her, photograph and do what I wanna do with her, so what if she posted a picture ? It’s her personal profile, she can post anything!!!

  • http://www.kurtlanger.com/ Kurt Langer

    Yeap – this is one of those ‘only in America’ scenarios. But can’t she also sue for retirement?

    • Daniel Lord

      The school’s actions are the real scandal, but let’s not be myopic. ‘only in America’? In China she’d go to prison or a re-education camp. In the Middle East prison and maybe stoning.

      • http://www.kurtlanger.com/ Kurt Langer

        I know what your saying.

  • J. Philip vanHeijkoop

    not saying the whole deal isn’t kinda pathetic and none of them should be fired, but firing them both would be an even bigger blow to the household, so maybe that’s why they choose to fire only one (the poster).

  • http://about.me/jasonbrewer Jason Brewer

    And this is why I have my profile locked down. I don’t invite co-worker to be my “friend”. If they want to keep in touch professionally they can use my LinkedIn profile.

  • atheitarian

    Happy retirement you two! The lawsuit that you are about to win will more than cover it.

  • Jason Rodriguez


    • llllllllllllllllllll